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Thanks for visiting this site!  It's all dedicated to "Dancing With The Stars" professional dancer Kym Johnson.  "Dancing With The Stars" is a hit reality show on ABC in America.  It airs on Mondays and Tuesdays for about three months in the Fall and Spring.  Kym Johnson is a professional dancer, model, broadway star, spokesperson, host, health and fitness guru, TV personality, animal lover and advocate, advocate for people with Down Syndrome and a three-time winner of DWTS in the world, winning one title in Australia and two in America!

 Disclaimer: ALL information below were researched through search engines and reliable websites (not including Wikipedia) and some information found were revealed directly by Kym.  Information are as accurate as possible and subjected to change as corrections appear.  Rumors and speculations are not included.


Born on August 4, 1976, Kym Johnson is a native of Sydney, Australia and is probably best known for her appearances in the Australian and American versions of the dancing reality show, "Dancing With The Stars."  Kym began dancing at the age of 3 when she learned to dance ballet, jazz and tap and trained in acrobatics (source).  One day, she was dragged along by her brother to dance lessons, who met a girl in school who was taking dance lessons so he thought it was a good way to meet girls.  At 13, Kym decided to focus her interest in ballroom dancing but also does many other dances including Latin and modern.  Kym was also 13 years old when she appeared in an indie film (released in 1992), "Strictly Ballroom," directed by Baz Luhmann based in Australia. 

In 1998,  Kym and her partner Lithuanian Tomas Atkocevicius placed second at the Australian Dancesport Championships in the Open Amateur Modern Ballroom and they were finalists at the U.K. Ballroom Championships at Blackpool.  Kym studied dance, acting and singing in the U.K. before she joined "Burn The Floor," a huge world ballroom dance production in 1998.

Before she appeared on Australia's version of "Dancing With The Stars," her works included a performance at Elton John's 50th birthday party, dancing at the "Blade Runner" launch party and touring with "Burn The Floor."  She joined "Burn The Floor" after attending a workshop in London and toured with them around the world overseas in countries including Japan for six years from 1998 to 2004.  Kym has also appeared in commercials for Pepsi and Coke and she modeled for "Bloch" (Australian company that offers dancewear), Australian hairdresser Joh Bailey and designer Terry Biviano (source).

After she left "Burn The Floor," Kym did three seasons of the Australian version of the dancing reality show, "Dancing With The Stars" in 2004.  Her partners included all actors Justin Melvey (season 1), Tom Williams (season 2) and Michael Caton (season 3).  In early 2006, she appeared on "Celebrity Survivor" on behalf of the Merry Makers, a non-profit organization that helps physically and mentally disabled people express themselves through dancing.  Kym was the first "survivor" to be eliminated (source). She was mentioned that she couldn't wait to get out of the competition that she voted herself to be eliminated and asked others to do the same.  She quoted: "On the plane over I said to Wayne Gardner, 'I guess if we've got a tent we've just got to figure out how to put it up'. And he just laughed."  She also has said, "The closest I've been to camping was in mum and dad's backyard when I was probably eight years old. I think I lasted an hour and went back inside." (source)

On a personal note, Kym dated Australian cricketer Shane Watson before they were engaged for two years.  Due to pre-wedding jitters (source), Kym ended the relationship then dated actor Tom Williams after they won the second season of Australian "Dancing With The Stars" in April.  The relationship ended after a short time. 

After Kym and Tom won the dancing competition, Kym appeared in the magazine for men, "FHM Magazine" for some swimsuit photo shoots on the beach.  Kym returned to DWTS for the show's fourth season but not as a regular contestant but as a performer in a cameo during a Grand Final, performing with musical artist Alex Lloyd  (source). Kym soon got a phone call from a producer of America's "Dancing With The Stars" and was offered a spot as professional dancer on the show.  Kym agreed to fly to America to audition and got the job.  Now she resides in Los Angeles, California and goes home to Sydney as often as she can.

Kym is married to Robert Herjavec since July 31, 2016.

Dancing With The Stars In America
Kym moved to America when she signed to do the American version of "Dancing With The Stars" in 2006.  Her first partner during the show's third season was Talk Show Host Jerry Springer.  They succeed to get through half the competition before they were the 7th couple to be eliminated.  Their most memorable dance was the Waltz, which is the dance Jerry learned for his daughter's wedding.  In week 2 while preparing for their Quickstep, Kym hyperextended her knee but was able to return back on stage only days later.  When on the show, Kym wrote a "Behind The Scenes" edition of Australian OK! Magazine.  After the season ended, Kym went on her first DWTS tour across America and Canada.  She had boy-band "New Kids On The Block" member Joey McInyre for her partner. Unfortunately, Kym could not perform in all shows due to an arm injury.  Country singer and soon-to-be DWTS pro dancer Julianne Hough was her replacement until Kym recovered.  The injury, however, did not prevent her from putting together a cardio dance work-out DVD starring herself, DWTS pros Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Ashly DelGrosso-Costa.  Kym continues to create more DVDs for great work-outs based on DWTS with other professional dancers from the show. Check them out at the Shop!

While in America in between DWTS seasons, Kym appears in infomercials and promotions such as the Lemonade Weight Loss Diet and a line of DWTS Hair Extensions.  Kym has also been involved with the Down's Syndrome Association of Los Angeles, the Down Syndrome in Arts & Media and have been teaching people affected how to express themselves through dancing.  When she is not in a competition on DWTS, she may be seen as a correspondent for E! News or returning to perform on the show's results episodes.

After season 3 of DWTS, her partners, the seasons she had them and their positions are as followed:

N'Sync star Joey Fatone (4th season, 2nd place) 

Billionaire/Mavericks Dallas team owner Mark Cuban (5th season, 8th place)

Magician Penn Jillette of "Penn & Teller" (6th season, 12th place)

NFL Quarterback/Superbowl Champion Warren Sapp (7th season, 2nd place)

Actor/Comedian David Alan Grier (8th season, 9th place)

Actor/Singer/Showbiz Legend Donny Osmond (9th season, 1st place.  Kym became the only professional dancer to win a DWTS title in two countries)

Actor/Singer David Hasselhoff (11th season, 12th place.  Kym took the 10th season off, with a few returns on the results shows and appear as correspondent for "E! News" when she reported on DWTS that season and interviewed the cast)

NFL Steelers' Wide Receiver Hines Ward (12th season, 1st place.  This was her second victory in America but third time she won on DWTS in the world, after winning once in Australia and twice in America)

Actor/producer David Arquette (13th season, 6th place)

Actor Jaleel White (14th season, 7th place)

N'Sync Star & DWTS Season 4 runner-up Joey Fatone (Joey reunited with Kym for the special "All-Stars" edition of Season 15.  12th place).

Actor/Soap opera "General Hospital" star Ingo Rademacher (16th season, 5th place).

Businessman/"Shark Tank" star and Kym's (future) husband Robert Herjavec (20th season, 5th place or 6th place during double elimination).  Kym left the USA to judge on Australia's DWTS during Season 17-19 of USA's DWTS.


Kym is right-handed (she signs autographs with her right hand). (source)

The Internet speculated different heights of Kym but she confirmed she is 5'7".  (source)

It is commonly known that Kym suffered an arm injury during her first DWTS tour but no one explained what happened.  DWTS pro Cheryl Burke took "Extra" behind-the-scenes of the tour, introducing Joey Lawrence, Drew Lachey and DWTS judge Carrie Ann Inaba.  Kym appeared only for a few seconds showing a cast on her right arm and said, "I'm such a klutz.  I fell down the stairs." (source)

When she appeared on Australian "Celebrity Survivor," she bought a sheridan sheet, an item she "could not live without" on the show.  She also watched 1980's "The Blue Lagoon" when visitng a Sydney Scouts Club in preparation of the show.  

Also a South Pacific Ballroom Champion

When Warren Sapp had to miss one training day during the week to work in the NFL studios back east, Kym would take the whole day to work with people affected by Down's Syndrome and teach them how to dance.  She was honored with a 2009 "Vision" award for her support and work with people who had Down's Syndrome.  (source)

Became a three-time DWTS world champion where she got one title on DWTS in Australia and two in America.  Had she been in first place instead of second place both times before in America, she would've been a FIVE time DWTS world champion!

Is the only professional dancer in the world to win at least one title on DWTS in more than one country.  She is also the only female professional dancer in the world to win DWTS three times.

Has a white Bichon Frise-Pomeranian named Lola.

During the Semi-finals in Season 12 of USA's "Dancing With The Stars", Kym and Hines attempted a difficult move in a rehearsal session, resulting in Kym's serious neck injury and a trip to the hospital by ambulance.  She was able to recover quickly and return back onstage in time to do their dances three days later.